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Mark Griffith’s reviews

Posted by Anthony
August 22, 2019

Won my court case very happy that I chose this attorney.

I hired this attorney to help me with my court case. I was so worried but he told me everything is going to be okay he will fight for me. In the end I was really happy with his services, he won my court case and I was found not guilty. He is one of the best attorney I ever seen. During my court dates I watch him fight for others and did such a wonderful job helping others out. If I ever need an attorney again it will be him. Because of him I can work now without worrying I can support my son and my family thanks to him. He did a very wonderful job and I will always remember what he did for me. I recommend him to anyone that needs an good awsome attorney. Thank you so much Mark R. Griffith for all your help. God bless you.

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Arthur James Carter’s reviews

Posted by Anthony
August 22, 2019

I felt blessed in finding Attorney Jay Carter

I had two unfortunate incidents occur where I needed legal council. I found Jay in early 2016 and retained his services. After my first day in court I knew I had found a good lawyer, my case went smooth and in a most favorable direction. As fate would have it though, I again needed to hire an attorney, Jay Carter of course was my “go to” with no reservations or hesitation. I managed to stay pretty much incognito , as any public knowledge would not have done me favor. Seriously, this review title is “I felt blessed……” Truly, I was blessed, both my situations could just as easily have gone in a very bad direction if I had not had the savviness of Attorney Jay Carter. It’s a privilege to write a review in his name.

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